Architectural Salvage and More

a passion for historical architecture and interior design

Cherry Hill Salvage specializes in the reclamation, repurposing and resale of architectural, commercial, and industrial elements and fixtures including salvaged mantels, doors, windows, stained glass, wrought iron, vintage plumbing and hardware, period lighting, art tile, unique old house parts, gates, garden statuary, industrial and commercial fixtures, antique store counters and much more!

Architectural Salvage | Cherry Hill Interiors

Where does our supply come from?

Our salvage crews work at buildings that are going to be torn down or remodeled. They carefully remove reusable items for resale.

Looking to recycle a great piece?

If you have a door, window, lighting fixture, hardware, or any other used building part that is too good to throw out, give us a call for our best offer!

Plenty of Great Options!

Whether you're an architect, designer, contractor, or homeowner, we've got all the parts you'll need to complete your project.

A Great Way to Go Green!

Help to preserve our planet by restoring, refurbishing, and reinventing. Reclaimed objects are beautiful and responsible.

Need Demolition or Remodeling Done?

If you know of a house demolition or major remodeling project coming up, please contact us for a quote.

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